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when only love reamins

Author: durjoy datta

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Discription : hi, when only love remains is a palpable love fiction in which Devrat, male protagonist is a heat broken mediocre singer. Whereas Avanthi , female protagonist is a young flight attendant and an ardent fan of Devrat. In the first half of the book the theme goes around how Avanthi finds an opportunity to meet Devrat despite of all the odds and how she wipes away Devrat’s depressing life by showering her love. The second half of the tale revolves around the hospital where Devrat’s fatal accident leaves his loved one’s in a state of despair. Despite of such pathetic situation Avanthi never give up her hopes on Devrat’s inevitable illness. The whole tale extracts a deep meaning that says, “In the world of imperfection, there is always someone just right for you.” Over all it's a great love story.